Askia Karin

We’ve been secretly missing the “Queen of Alpha Better Records” Askia Karin. As we browsed her Instagram yesterday, we stumbled upon this somewhat outdated trend. The last time we wrote about Askia Karin was when we featured her on our Roast My Outfit Column.
Since then, we’ve not gone a day without thinking about how Askia’s personal style influences her musical growth. It is fair to say that, being a talented artist is not enough in this competitive age. Staying relevant in the business of entertainment embodies a number of components that keeps the audiences attracted to your work.

Since roasting a dozen of Askia’s outfits? A lot has not changed. Askia shared to her 16k Instagram followers images of what appears to be a video shoot. The Ma Valeur artist is seen bearing it all out. In true Askia style, she wore only a black sexy fishnet stockings paired with a sheer top over a black bra. Her skin appears whiter as she sits pretty rocking an edgy cornrow plaits.

Outdated Trend: Askia Karin-Mammypi FashionTV

Outdated Trend: Askia Karin-Mammypi FashionTV

[su_heading]Askia Karin Outdated Trend[/su_heading]

[su_youtube url=”” width=”360″ height=”300″]

With rumours sweeping around Cameroonian music blogs that Askia is no longer a part of ABR, we are just glad she is still making music. Even though we don’t always relate to her style, like she said in ‘No Worry Me’ we nonetheless love her personality and truly cannot wait for her new music.


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