[su_heading]ASOS x Star Wars[/su_heading]

As you may well know, the Star Wars franchise just had a new baby called Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As the Star Wars fans were gearing up to attend the premiere, the Asos and Disney team took a sneak peek into their closets.

All of a sudden, they found those old worn-out Star Wars t-shirts and decided to gift them with a little insight into the movie. Therefore, the Asos x Disney Capsule Collection.


An Asos and Disney collaboration was always going to produce something magical. However, we had no idea they planned on taking us out of this world. While the scientist are still trying to figure out a way to ship us all out into space, Asos x Disney are a couple of light years ahead of them. Their team went to space and back and have produced the Capsule collection which is basically a hologram of how the Storm Troopers and Princess Leia dress up during their spare time. We only saw them when they were clothed in military garments and helmets. Now, thanks to Asos and Disney, we get to see more.

[su_heading]Asos x Disney Capsule Collection[/su_heading]

The ASOS x Star Wars Collection Is Out Of This Galaxy

The capsule collection is an all inclusive collection with Star Wars patterns on casual wears and party dresses, leggings, mini dresses, sweatshirts and a whole lot. On the plus side,the clothes being out of this world are relatively affordable and can make a perfect date night or photo shoot combo for you and your significant other.

So, do not hold back. This is an opportunity to set the geek in you free and add some fashion glare while you’re at it. Who knew fashion and geek could make such a good team?

Below, we highlight our favorite pieces from the collection and while you go out to get yours,”May the force be with you.”


Shop the collection (HERE)

#ASOS x Star Wars Funnel Neck Burnout Dress (HERE)


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