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Liiber London needs no introduction just in case you are wondering. But for those on the outside, the relentless pace of the industry even though difficult to grasp,has seen the growth in style,creativity and handwork of the creative director behind Liiber brand. Anrette N Akindele has today launched her SS15 “BUBBLE”collection in time for Valentine day. Each season brings more colour,fashion shows and glamour in the fashion landscape. 

The “BUBBLE” collection has been her first to hit the online shop & CARM Store in the first part on 2015.


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a4Clean,vibrant,fresh colours fit for a fashion spread magazine. Liiber collection has that simplicity and edginess that screams wearability when you want to feel Afrocentric and chic at the same time.The idea behind is to transcend  fashion boundaries using bold colours making her customers want to be the first to lay their hands on and create a fashion road map for the industry in Cameroon and the world over.In her own words she states, “Our pieces are limited to give our customers a style identity”.

Prices for the Bubbles collection range from £50 to £210.


If you are still struggling with what to wear for your Valentine dinner, time is still on your side. The theme for the collection couldn’t have been anymore perfect to compliment the season as you sip on plenty of bubbles with your significant other.Libber designs can be bought from CARM store Bona-Priso or you can preorder online by clicking HERE.

For more news and tweet on Liiber London, Find her on;



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  1. This is absolutely brilliant. Creativity & elegance at its best. Liiber London, William Nsai and fashionista artist Tokee and the rest of the crew totally nailed this one!! I can’t get over it.


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