Bonang Matheba Celebrates The Month of Love In Two-Piece Stripe Pants and Crop Top

Bonang Matheba


Ahead of Valentine’s Day 2019, Bonang Matheba is already blowing kisses and sharing inspirational ideas on how to look racy in a front tie crop top. Bonang posted pictures on her Instagram wearing a sexy front tie crop top with matching pants in red and white stripes. How fitting! We all know red and white are the perfect Valentine’s Day colors.

Valentine’s Day Outfit 2019

This little crop top and wide pants number by Bonang is indeed a great flirty Valentine’s Day look. We’re not talking about your average, everyday crop top. Rather, the front tie crop top which is so barely there. This will certainly set the mood for a steamy Valentine’s day. Bonang just knows how to turn the heat up! See her blowing kisses too. Stop it gurl!

Crop top and wide leg pants

Pairing her crop top with wide-leg pants is just genius. In fact, wide leg pants are so relaxed, roomy and flowy that they just ooze confidence with an edgy vibe. This wide leg pant style is extremely elegant and compliments Bonag’s legs by creating a much longer frame. The vertical stripes also add to the illusion of length, giving her legs for days.

Front tie crop top for skinny vs curvy body

Now, you won’t catch me wearing crop tops at all! Never! Evidently, some of us are not blessed in the midriff area. However, when paired with a wide-legged and high waisted bottoms like Bonang’s, I might very well be tempted to give the trend a shot.

For women with flat tummies and all six or 12 packs (eye roll!), crop tops are great to show off your midsection. You are certainly going to turn heads with a sexy yet sophisticated look.  However, for those of us with “fleshier” midriffs, the key to pulling off this look is to pair the crop top with high waisted bottoms. That way, only a little bit of skin shows. Even at that, it still takes a lot of guts to attempt it!

Obviously, you are allowed to break some rules for Valentine’s day. Therefore, take things up a notch with a tie-front crop top. I bet you, they’re the easiest way to add a little heat to your wardrobe this Valentine’s day.

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Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba blowing kisses
Wide leg pants and crop top
Wide leg pants
Front tie crop top
Front tie crop top


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