[su_heading]Bonteh Digital MEDIA Awards 2017[/su_heading]

The Bonteh Digital Media awards seek to celebrate the outstanding achievements and works of media men and women in Cameroon. It is scheduled for 6 PM, on December 22, 2017, at Eta Palace Hotel, Molyko Buea, South West Region-Cameroon.

More so, the Bonteh Digital Media awards are going to be the first of its kind. It will showcase and award those who make a living through a combination of vital ingredients. Their keyboards, computers, and fingers not forgetting the most vital ingredient, their brains.

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Despite the fact that it is an award show, the entire Cameroonian Entertainment community will have to take a break from their keyboards. Significantly the nominees will play dress up and meet each other at the award ground.

The entire award season so far has been fabulous and both the girls and boys were on their best fashion behavior. We know that as the BDMA’s closes the award season, it will be serving us some fashion juice.  With this in mind, we expect enough sauce for next year.

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In fact, while we at Mammypi are excited and congratulate the nominees, we will be having our eyes out and ears down. Chiefly for who wore what and who wore what best. It is going to be a star-studded event and where there are celebrities, there is fashion and style. And where there are fashion and style, expect Mammypi to have a say.♥

All things considered, there are a couple of celebrities we would be on the lookout for; Syndy Emade, Blanche Bailey, The AsongAnyi’s and a whole lot who never seem to fail us. We are however looking forward to other celebrities and attendees to bring forth their hidden fashion sense.

Obviously, we are hoping to see mostly Cameroonian designs on the red carpet. That is, Margo’s Mode, EB Kreations, ELOLI topping the list as they dress and style most of our favorite looks on red carpets this year. We are carefully polishing our shoes and knotting our ties as we wait on the 22nd and we hope you have preserved a ticket.

See you there!

The MammyPi and PAT237 family wishes the nominees best of luck come the 22nd.

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