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From Cameroon to China with Love: Interracial couple turned internet sensation in China as the big bucks roll in

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Interracial couple, relationship or marriage is becoming more common in today’s society. However, the bulk of these relationships are usually between Caucasians and Blacks. Of course with the occurrence of slavery many years ago, these relationships are inevitable. Nevertheless, they are common in countries such as the US, UK, France etc.

An Interracial Couple in China

For countries like China, this is a new phenomenon. This is especially so because Africa is the new trade and investment hub for China. As a result, the influx of Chinese people to Africa has increased tremendously. Conversely, many Africans are now migrating too to China. With this new medium of exchange, socialization has morphed into widespread romantic relationships.

Chinese and Africans in romantic relationships are now slowly becoming the norm. It is worth noting though that typically, these relationships involve Chinese women and African men. What is unusual, is finding an African woman and a Chinese man in a romantic relationship.

Meet interracial couple: Sandra from Cameroon and Zou from China

Sandra Made from Cameroon and Zou Qianshun from China are one of such couples breaking down the old order. The couple met in Cameroon in 2015. Zou was working in Cameroon and Sandra was operating a hair salon there. They got married in March 2017 and relocated to China. The couple settled in Zou’s hometown near Dandong, Liaoning province, in northeast China.

Cameroonian Interracial Couple in China Sandra and Zou
Sandra and Zou

Making Money simply by being an interracial couple?

The couple has become an overnight internet sensation by posting funny video cameos online. With the novelty of their relationship, people are intrigued. As a result, the videos are very popular because the pairing is very unusual. Apparently, people are not used to seeing an African woman with a Chinese man! What’s more, they are getting rich while doing it! The couple receives virtual gifts donated by their fans online. These gifts when exchanged for money are worth about 5,000 yuan ($727) monthly. In fact, according to Aljazeera, in a good month, they can make up to $1000!

Cameroonian Interracial Couple in China Sandra and Zou
Making one of their Video Cameos

Talk about making money simply by being yourself, loving the man or woman of your dreams and having fun while doing it! Love truly knows no bounds. What do you think about Sandra and Zou? Does your love know race? Please sound off in the comments section below!

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