Breach Of Trust‘ is a Cameroon movie inspired by a true life experience written and produced by Roselind Fonkwa an award winning producer based in the UK. The movie was shot and directed both in the UK  by NelsonSpyk and in Cameroon by Nkanya Nkwai with about a third of the film shot in Uk and three quarters in Cameroon.

According Roseline Fonkwa the Cameroonian movie  producer, Breach of Trust explores the lives of 2 families who try to live a normal life but unfortunately one of the family members in each household sexually abuses young girls.

These abusers are parents who  are in a position of Trust but they choose to sexually abuse their young family members. It an Epic story that explores how we percieve incest as a taboo and instead of addressing it.

In addition to dealing with it, standing up to the abusers, protecting the victims, support the victims to stand up to their abusers and put and end to the abuse.  If not, the abuse is concealed due to societal pressures, fear, guilt, not knowing who to talk to, where to get support from, feeling threatened, wanting to protect the abusers image  and family reputation.


Cameroon Diaspora Entertainers Due to Screen Movie 'BREACH OF TRUST'

Cameroon Diaspora Entertainers Due to Screen Movie 'BREACH OF TRUST'

Cameroon Diaspora Entertainers Due to Screen Movie 'BREACH OF TRUST'

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The emotional movie is played by a mix of home based and diaspora actors and actresses all from Cameroon including renown cameroonian actor Jeffrey Epule, Brun Njua, Susan Kembling, Mirabelle Ngwe, Walter Anga, President Achille amongst many others

As a matter of fact, the movie is due to be screened on the 09th of June 2017 at  20:30 pm at one of London’s cinemas the Odeon which has been home to the premiering of other Cameroon movies like ‘Woman’ The Goretti Experience. If you are in London and the Greenwich area in June, save the date and add a to-do under ‘things to do in Greenwich’ and join the cast and crew of the movie for a grande premiere.

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Cameroon Diaspora Entertainers Due to Screen Movie 'BREACH OF TRUST'


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