Cameroon Men- Only Call Her Mom If She Is Your Mother!

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Most of us have a nickname for a loved one. These nicknames symbolize the love and the affection that we have for someone close. Usually, nicknames are derived from a person’s real name, however, if it’s your girlfriend, you might want to go with something more romantic and sensual. However, some of our Cameroon men have a problem with finding the right names.

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Okay, so I have a bone to pick with my dear brothers. Especially my brothers from Cameroon. I don’t know if brothers from other African countries do this but what I am about to talk about is very common with my Cameroonian brothers and I think we need to address it because some of you might just be ignorant and not cognizant of how this could be a real turn off for most women.

Could you guys please just stop calling us “mom”??? Seriously, no one is trying to replace your mother here. If you think it is a form of endearment, “hell no” it is NOT!


Foremost, how many women do you know who are comfortable telling you their age? Unless they are 21 and below most women are very age conscious. In fact, age is like the plague to most women. So why on earth would you think calling a woman “mom” is endearing??? We want our men to darling and baby us, call us sweet names, not age us!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to refer to us as “mom” to our children. But as an endearment, please, don’t do it, don’t do it…

Let’s not even talk about “mommy” or the worse one, hmmmm… I don’t even have the courage to say it, but I must, “Big mami”!!! In fact this is a discussion for another day because it deserves a whole new write-up…

So fellas, could you please just stop with the “mom” appellation??? It is so not cool!!!

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  1. I felt concerned when this post seems to be addressed to all adult, male Cameroonian. I could have made it short and simply emphasis I though being Cameroonian, have never called my partner “mom” to which I am sure the generalisation have been addressed.
    In no way am I qualified to address this grievance addressed to all Cameroonian men. I will however express my opinion on the matter

    The term “mom” as used as some brothers has to be analysed in how those men view their mothers. We come from a society in which most men will tell you their fathers earned the bread, but their mothers provided. It a venerated role in the African family. Very few men will tell you they know anyone much more precious than their mothers. Stepping your gf, fiance or wife to anything close to that role should be an honor. I understand using the word “mom” makes you feel old and out of your time (garage as some)

    Pet names are meant to be playful (inside joke for many). Rather than addressing this post to all Cameroonians, I think this ought to be a text message to one particular person, because you don’t obviously enjoy that appellation. It is your right to demand a name which makes you feel comfortable.

    • Dear Reader, really, it is not that serious. However, I appreciate your time in expressing your opinion and angle to to the subject. This was meant to be a light-hearted article to generate a conversation around the issue. Yes, calling your wife/gf “Mom” could be special in many ways. But please spice it up. Cameroonian men are romantic but most of them refuse to express it. We know you can do it. If you call her “Mom” today, tomorrow be more creative and make her feel like a princess.


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