Chantal Biya stepped out over the weekend rocking her usual over-the-top look and we could not help but notice. I know everyone is focused on the just-ended presidential elections in Cameroon. However, while we wait 14 days for the official results, we might as well have some fun with Mrs. Biya.

Chantal Biya dons big hair and even bigger fascinator

So now, about this outfit. First off, I am still trying to make sense of the big hair and the huge red fascinator. I can’t get past it! I do not know if Chantal Biya has a stylist. If she does have one I wonder if the stylist is familiar with the word “edit”. This gigantic hair, humongous fascinator, and large dangling earrings are just too much. Thank God she spared us somewhat by not wearing any necklace.

Regarding her skirt and matching blouse in Ankara fabric, I actually do love the style. It is simple but really well tailored. Specifically, the puff sleeves are really cute and well executed. Meanwhile, the neckline is absolutely gorgeous. Moreso, Mrs. Biya does an amazing job showing it off by wearing no jewelry around her neck.

Why on earth is Chantal Biya wearing Striptease Shoes?

Now onto her accessories, I refuse to say anything more about the red fascinator on her head. But what about her shoes? What do you think about her fiery red stripper shoes? Did you hear how the shoes are called? Yes indeed. They are called stripper shoes. Google it! Certainly, you can’t put anything past this woman when it comes to her fashion choices.

Chantal Biya loves her Designer Bags

Finally, about her red Dior purse! Anyone who knows Chantal Biya knows she loves her designer handbags. From Prada, to Birkin, to Hermes, to Chanel to Dior, you name them, Mrs. Biya has them! Say what you want about the rest of her outfit but this bag is bae! It’s Dior after all.

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Chantal Biya rocks Dior Purse
Chantal Biya rocks Dior Purse


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