Color block jeans

Color block jeans anyone? Drum roll, please…. Yes indeed, we are going to be talking about the color block denim in this post today. The color block jeans is a new trend circulating that might just be worth ditching your skinny jeans for. We’ve spotted it on trending influencers all over social media and have also discovered new brands creating it. Even more interesting is the fact that the color block denim is now being featured on the catalogue pages of most major retailers.

2019 trend: Color block denim

Looks like this is one of the 2019 fashion trends that is slowly making its reveal. It’s still January and we decided to bring you the scoops so you can have a head start. You better start stocking up on the color block denim like there’s no tomorrow. It is certainly going to dominate the 2019 fashion space.

Color block denim hues

So far, the styles available are certainly eye-catching. The color-block hues are equally unique. Most of them come in colors as loud as pink and purple and as muted as two contrasting washes of the same denim hue. We have also spotted two-tones gracing the back pockets as well as the waistband of straight-leg jeans. Most remarkable has been two tones on the opposing denim pant leg.

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Are you going to ditch your skinny jeans for the color block denim?

Given that the color block denim trend is doused with color, I wonder if it will attempt to overthrow the almighty skinny jeans? We all love our skinny jeans for three main reasons. They are versatile, extremely comfortable and of course timeless. However, the color-block denim adds a new dimension, the unexpected. Not that we really expect this trend to knock out skinny jeans, we just really want you to try the trend and tell us what you think.

Pink and Purple Color Block Jeans
Pink and Purple Color Block Denim
Colorblock Jeans
Contrasting washes of the same denim hue
Back pockets color block denim
Back pockets color block denim
Waistband colour block denim
Waistband colour block jeans
Color block denim
Multi-colour block denim

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