Cameroonian Fashion Designers

The spotlight today is on 5 Contemporary Cameroon Men Fashion Designers everyone should know. They are destined for success based on their design, creativity and strategy. Here’s a list of contemporary designers that continue to keep Cameroon’s position as a leading fashion country within Africa.

Alain Martial Tapolo

We all agree his designs are Vogue worthy. As a result, you go WOW once you spot the Paris based designers work. Alain is currently a muse and I am astounded by his skills. Ultimately, the brand is known for its contemporary feminine designs and tailoring. From here on, we will be keeping a close look at his work moving forward.

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SPOTLIGHT: 5 Contemporary Cameroon Men Fashion Designers

Dan Mofor – Don Morphy Clothing

Dan Mofor is the creative director and founder of USA based menswear label Don Morphy Clothing. Originally from Bamenda Cameroon, Dan is known for his sharp and creative articulation of style and bespoke suits.

The labels custom made shoes appeals to the dandy esque gent who immediately demands respect from his style. For sheer honesty, no one in menswear has successfully topped Don Morphy clothing.

The creative designer keeps his target audience far from the black youth wearing sagging pants. Of course, the label has successful suited names  including Bebe Winans amongst others. SPOTLIGHT: 5 Contemporary Cameroon Men Fashion Designers

5 Contemporary Cameroon Men Fashion Designers

Stanlo A Akisah – Stanlion Clothing

Just like Dan Mofor, Stanlion makes no apologies when it comes to stitching the perfect colourful and flamboyant suits and jackets . According the the brand, they aim to deliver class, style and modern fashion to like minded fashionistas.

At a glance, Stanlion serves the daring metrosexual fashion spirited human. Stanlion Clothing designs contemporary menswear and womenswear to the international stockists. SPOTLIGHT: 5 Contemporary Cameroon Men Fashion Designers

Louis Fame Clothing

Louis Fame is one of the brands giving traditional African men’s style a modern and futuristic touch. The Buea based label ranges from perfectly tailored trousers to bomber jackets and examines the modern man’s uniform.

Louis Fame is one of the few brands that has a significant number of Cameroon celebrity  following. SPOTLIGHT: 5 Contemporary Cameroon Men Fashion Designers

Lima T Jasino

Lima T Jasino is far from being conservative when it comes to design. He uses classic elements and focuses on quality and details. As a result , this makes him one of the established fashion labels in Cameroon who have actually earned their place on the scene.

The designer who hails from the North West region of Cameroon caters for both men and women’s fashion. Easy, elegance, bespoke suits and  classic pieces makes the brands work a stand out. SPOTLIGHT: 5 Contemporary Cameroon Men Fashion Designers

Email us  a top Cameroon menswear fashion designer you know so we can share their work in the future.


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