Date night is an absolute must for couples. In fact, according to a report from the University of Virginia, date nights are important for couples to spend time by themselves. In effect, date nights provide 5 essential benefits.

First, it is an opportunity to communicate and improve on communication with your partner. Similarly, it allows couples to engage in novel activities that are fun or arousing definitely improving the levels of relationship quality. Likewise, date nights help to strengthen or rekindle that romantic spark! In addition, date nights are absolutely valuable in strengthening a couple’s sense of commitment to one another. It certainly evokes a sense of obligation especially when they are scheduled. Finally, date nights are a great way to relieve stress and allow you to enjoy time with your partner.

Now, remember, always act like you’re trying to get a second date!  Sometimes in relationships, we forget that we need to pursue and “woo” our partners. Therefore, dress up! Bear in mind, you still have to impress! So, herewith five different date night style ideas inspired by Aminat Mcclure of Just_aminat.

Date night vibe: Flirty

Definitely, this crop top with some skin showing and bright purple lips is very suggestive.

Flirty Date Night Look
Flirty Date Night Outfit

Date night vibe: Naughty

We all know that the color red evokes mischief. Definitely, this body-hugging red mini dress is very provocative yet prudish and demure with the conservative turtleneck.

Red fitted mini dress
Red body-hugging mini dress


You will absolutely keep your partner’s head spinning in this butt hugging skirt and semi see-through top. You will equally turn every head wherever you go.

Head-turning date night look
Head-turning date night look

Date night style: Sexy

Now, this look just screams, “rip off the buttons”!!!! The hair almost gives the same sexy vibe like Beyoncé’s wet hair from her 2014 Grammy performance. The hair is also similar to Kim Kardashian’s wet hair look from the 2016 MTV VMA Awards.

Date night sexy outfit
Date night sexy outfit

Date night vibe: Glam

Of course, it’s Pinktober and we definitely had to bring in pink. This one-shoulder fitted midi dress is so glam and will make you the perfect date to an office event or a wedding.

Pink One-Shoulder Glam Dress
Pink One-Shoulder Glam Dress

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