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The Knee boots by Saint Laurent soaked in light-reflecting crystals was a show stopper at the  Pre-AW17 runway at a whooping sum of £6,855. The same can be said for the Gucci shimmer gown. With this in mind, these items definitely don’t come cheap especially when purchased together.

Dencia, Cameroonian entrepreneur and artiste has been known to show off her luxurious cars and homes. However, we were not surprised when she took to Instagram to show off her Gucci gown and knee boots as a street style. We were more impressed by how she styled these fashionably luxurious items.

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 Firstly, the photo was taken in the dark. This made the shimmer in the gown and crystal embellished boots stand out. They both shined bright like a diamond.

Secondly, her hair colour was a perfect blend for the silvery outfit. She tinted her long weave white and held her hair together at the back, exposing her face and giving way for the Gucci gown to express every bit of details

Also, she posed in front of her white Rolce Royce which gave the perfect hue combination for the shimmery outfit.

Dencia was all about this outfit as she went easy on accessories which also came in silver.

Furthermore, she went for a nude makeup which made it easier as all the attention went to her  six thousand pounds crystal embellished boots and Gucci outfit.


Dencia Steals Spotlight In Saint Laurent Knee Boots Worth £6,855

 If you are thinking of pulling off this look, slip on the knee boots with a black jumpsuit for a show-stopping after-dark look or do it the Dencia way.

Shine bright like a diamond in the Saint Laurent boots by shopping for them HERE.


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