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Layering for Fall


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Hello my beautiful fashionistas, I  hope you are all having fun during fashion week. Like Kendal Jenner says on her Instagram profile, “So much fashion not enough weeks”. I kind of agree with her on this one. Hence why I am bringing to you another beautiful, bold and very feminine atelier collection post. Off course this is to make your everyday as fashionable as possible.

Are you one of the women who struggle with what to wear every day? I am pleased to introduce you to the  The collection is for the lady who wants to look bold, confident and sexy in the inside and outside. As a woman, when I dress up, no matter what I am wearing, I want to look strong and confident with and uptown touch. This season’s atelier collection has the perfect go- to pieces to create the perfect look. From the chocolate Italian-suede trench coat with hand-cut tassels, to the ebony Mongolian lambswool jacket spun  that scream smart, edgy, comfortable, luxurious with a modern stitch is what makes the AW15 campaign special from other brands.

Karen Millen US!

Photo Credit: Yelena Yemchuk Starring: Jamie Bochert,Rosie Lowe and Quentin Jones, Styled by Kathy Kasterine KM_YY_SHOT1_02_0086_07_72dpi KM_YY_SHOT2_01_0121_06_72dpi KM_YY_SHOT3_07_077_05_72dpi KM_YY_SHOT4_04_0116_03_72dpi KM_YY_SHOT5_06_0241_06_72dpi KM_YY_SHOT6_10_0244_06_72dpi KM_YY_SHOT8_03_0156_07_72dpi KM_YY_SHOT9_05_0202_04_72dpi KM_YY_SHOT10_09_200_05_72dpi KM_YY_SHOT11_11_0141_07_72dpi KM_YY_SHOT12_12_0139_07_72dpi Karen Millen Fashions Limited


Generally speaking, in autumn we think light layers as the weather becomes a little chillier. Layers do not have to be gloomy and boring colours. All these has been carefully implemented in the brands creative approach with their playful mix of colours in line with current trends. The campaign is designed at bringing out a woman’s inner confidence. Without being bias or anything like that, I have been a huge fan of the Karen Millen for as long as I can remember. I was always attracted to their very high quality products, stylish and very unique items especially their shoes and accessories, and oh, did I mention the luxury coats? They make you feel like you are wearing a million dollar and last a life time (with the right care). I visited the Westfield W12 shop on Saturday to have a feel of the products. It was everything and a lot more. It was a combination of fringed and silk, sleek hand-stitched tan shift dresses, pencil skirts,crisp cotton giving you the perfect amount of polish comfort Desirability, Confidence, Ease.

These are the words that sum up the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection and reflect our attitude to design at the Karen Millen atelier. This season we look at one unifying collection that encapsulates the mood of the moment whilst retaining our own aesthetic and inspiring women who want to wear beautifully crafted clothes[/su_quote].

Gemma Metheringham, CCO of Karen Millen

Please come back for some more up-to-date trends from your favourite brands.

Hugs Mammypi xoxo





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