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We all know that we never had the choice of picking our looks before we came here and certain things just cannot be changed as-much as we might try to. Common example the colour of our skin or our height! if it was up to me, I would be the height of Tyra Banks creative director of ANTM.

However, our imperfections are what make us unique but the most important thing is to know your body type and what colours blend with your skin tone. Fashion has become almost accessible to most people.

Most people use social networking sites like FaceBook, Pinterest, and Twitter to copy styles or see what their favourite style icon is wearing. Until science invents a more sophisticated tool that cautions what we ware, lets us look at a few fashion tricks and tips that will compliment the body we are in.



Petite ladies- a few extra inches on your heels makes all the difference. It changes the demage (walk) and takes your swag to a whole new level. I am a sucker for heels and believe it makes the final look completes especially when you are dressed for a date or a Friday night out with friends. Heals elongate the legs and make them look slimmer. Some of my favourite shoe shops are CiCi Hot which I am obsessed with their collections and BestSecret GmbH who retails for top brands at affordable prices.

Fitted Jeans-Fitted jeans with a distinct flare at the bottom create the illusion of a longer leg— especially when the hem hits the top of your shoes (heels, of course!) The trick here is to keep the fit of the jean super-slim through the leg, and to make sure the waistband hits your natural waist—not any lower. Best shops for jeans why not try ChicNova…

Contrary to previous fashion folklore that small women simply cannot wear floor-grazing skirts and dresses, that old adage has proven entirely false. In fact, a well-cut maxi skirt can actually give you the appearance of looking taller, as evidenced by petite gals. When it comes to skirt, you either go short or extremely long. Leave the knee length to the city sleeks. ChicNova has a skirt for everyone.

Another fashion tips is The Bun- Famous hairdo that pulls and stretches the neck and gives the slim impression with a few inches taller. You can never go wrong with a perfect bun
Using big bold and beautiful colours to enhance the illusion of height is a highly effective strategy, as it helps create a vertical line. While wearing head-to-toe black is the simplest—and eternally chicest—option, saturated hues work well, too (a look that’s incredibly now, as well.) The trick to monochrome dressing: Keep each silhouette crisp and tailored. Best shops for jumpsuit and other monochromes Choies

I am a sucker for heels and

believe it makes the final

look completes especially

when you are dressed for

a date or a Friday night

out with friends


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  1. Mammypi is a sista with inborn fashion. I just love everything about your fashion sense sweetheart. keep the flag flying hun xxx


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