Hi, thanks for stopping by today on my Exclusive Page. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and the new week is shaping up well for you. The outfit on this post is what I wore over the weekend on a dinner in Meat and Co with some of my family.





I decided to go for a jumpsuit with strap sandals (all old pieces from the wardrobe bought over a year ago). I wanted to look simple but elegant with a straight from the catwalk look. Even though autumn is the season for layering; I had to make the most of the beautiful weather by wearing less before we jump into winter.  I went for the jumpsuit as is it is very comfortable with a loose top and open front and back with enough allowance to hide any bulging tummy after a dinner of steak and fries. The black colour of the jumpsuit highlights my long slender legs and the burgundy top brings out my broad shoulders and adds glamour to the look. The jumpsuit could be worn with a belt but I prefer it loose.





To add my personal style to the outfit of the day, I paired the jumpsuit with a simple heeled sandal with a metal trim. The metal trim goes all the way to make the sandals classy and adds glamour to the final look.  All jewellery in this outfit is same as on my Breast Cancer Post

In this outfit

Jumpsuit from ASOS

Sandals from ASOS

Photo Credit to


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