6b4176cd612f4c69c4a126468718fe99Don’t try and economise on the basics when it comes to choosing your wardrobe. You run the danger of amassing a collection of ill-fitting, loose clothes that don’t compliment your individual body shape.

If anything, spend more on the basics: T shirts, blouses, pencil skirts because you want them to last and show off your best qualities.

So look out for good quality brands: Forzieri, AHAlife,Ghost or Tyrwhitt if you are a guy since they all offer lasting value and differentiate you from the crowd.

Mary Quant

Successful brands constantly reinvent themselves while remaining faithful to their roots. Chanel, for example, reworks its hallmark classic black dress every season. Brands that don’t invest money back into the business wither and die. Think of some of the brands of yesteryear which are now gone.

Then again certain brands are associated with certain eras. Mary Quant will forever be identified with Britain and the swinging sixties; Versace will be seen in the light of Miami Vice and the excesses of the 1980s; while Christian Dior is remembered for his full length gowns in post war austerity Europe.


The trick is to reinvent brands so that every new generation wants to wear them. And each new generation wears clothes and puts clothes together in its own way. Diane Keaton, the star of Woody Allen’s Oscar winning movie Annie Hall is remembered for her endearing sense of style, as it Audrey Hepburn in such timeless movies as Roman Holiday and Sabrina.

Both these stars wore their clothes in an individualistic style, reflected in the accessories they chose. Your challenge is to identify your own style: what you want to tell the world, and then find outfits to reflect that take on the world.


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