It could be New Year 2017, new trend for Keke Palmer. The actress and music star is showing us a new side of her which does not quite explain if she is thirsty or just hungry for more attention. Since we are here for the fashionable bits, we will focus on her long box boxbraids, worn out black vintage t-shirt  worn above a two tone denim cut-off-short on the front and red leather at the back extreme ripped denim  showing off her butt-cheeks , sexy Louboutin pigalle heels and destroyed denim shorts as she stands by a car door on the streets.  We are not sure if Keke is out shooting for something new or just looking for new ways to promote her brand by going semi nude on the streets. [su_note note_color=”#de6260″ text_color=”#120103″ radius=”20″]WOULD YOU ALLOW YOUR DAUGHTER FOLLOW KEKE PALMER ON SOCIAL MEDIA?[/su_note] KEKE PALMER BARES AN "EMOTIONAL DERRIERE" IN NEW STREET-STYLE PICTURES KEKE PALMER BARES AN "EMOTIONAL DERRIERE" IN NEW STREET-STYLE PICTURES

What do you think of Keke Palmers new street-style pictures guys? do you think she is thirsty or tempting? Kindly leave your comments below and let us know if you will let your friend or sister walk around in such daring outfits in public and call it trendy. As far as we are concerned, you do not have to be naked to look sexy. But who are we to judge? we are only here because of the beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes. You know we love our #redbottoms.

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