Rochester Graduate Livia Tang Brings Fashion Scout and #LFW To Grande Finale

Livia Tang's AW'19 Collection

Livia Tang's collection
Livia Tang, Laura De Meo

Livia Tang’s collection is a true ode to her childhood. It demonstrates a real knack for using wistfulness and sibling love as the common thread throughout the collection. Clearly, her memories of a childhood spent in Japan were a key influence in this collection. In fact, according to Livia Tang, the spirit of her collection is “the special bond between siblings, celebration of brotherhood and sisterhood, and Japanese textiles”. Therefore, pieces reminiscent of childhood such as shift dresses, overalls, flared skirts and tucked in blouses, crop tops, and crop pants, strappy sandals with matching mid-calf socks along with child-like hairstyles and face paintings, dominated the collection.

A presentation of Childhood reminiscence

Mind you, this was not a runway show but a presentation. The models were gathered around a table with tea, just like kids would at a make-belief tea party. While some of the models fidgeted with the tea, others blew bubbles in a child-like manner. The setting was so apt and artfully presented to rouse every viewer’s childhood memories.

The theme of Livia Tang’s Collection: Historic Images of Twins in Japan

The garments, make-up, and hairstyles were entirely based on the candour of youth. While the clothes were sartorial and fashionable, they maintained a childlike sense of playfulness and freedom. The fabrics used were double sided, indicative of the spirit of the collection which originated from the historic images of twins in Japan. Again to honor the twin theme, the models also rocked identical black birthmarks on each cheek.

Child-like Hairstyles dominated Livia Tang’s AW’19 Collection

Meanwhile, the hairstyles featured childish double buns and bowl cuts, hairstyles that favor function over form and typical for children. The most child-like styling of the collection was the mid-calf matching socks and strap flat thong sandals that each model rocked to complete their outfit.

Gender-Neutral Collection

The collection was also sexually ambiguous with a male model rocking a flared denim skirt, and a female model wearing overalls that just hung shapelessly on her body as if to say, it was gender-neutral. Ultimately, these evoked a sense of nostalgia about siblings sharing their clothes as children irrespective of gender.

This collection indeed spoke to every spectator’s childhood fantasies and indulgences. The silhouettes and elements of the designs were true to the essence and spirit of the collection. From every indication, Livia Tang weaved creativity and playfulness throughout her collection with a strong emphasis on tenacious sibling bond. The clothes created a child-like ‘feeling’ that resonated with the audience instantly.


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