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Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great week and getting on with all the task and personal challenges you have set yourself. Today we want to say a special shout out to Lynda Njikita of the brand F&F Afro Accessories who took a moment after a busy morning in the studio  to express gratitude for the exposure our platform has created for her brand.

Promoting All Things 237

We ran a shot editorial on our popular Facebook Page Promoting All Things 237 #PAT237 comparing clutch bags from renown shoe designer Christian Louboutin and Cameroonian fashion brand FRI & FAVOR AFRO ACCESSORIES . Due to the exposure from our platform and audience reactions, someone somewhere within the studio of CRTVweb was watching and before we knew it, Lynda was on television discussing her brand on ‘HELLO‘ the popular program which runs every Tuesday at 8 am hosted by Pochi Tamba.

Here is the message we received from Lynda this morning: Enjoy the Video below.

[su_quote cite=”LYNDA NJIKITA”]Hilda,Goodmorning.Hope all is well.I like to say thank you for allowing God to use you by setting up such a platform as that “promoting all things 237”. In life you might never know who is watching ,I am here this morning to testify that by being a member of your platform,and because of a post you posted lastly comparing my bags with that European designers own ,some one was watching from CRTV, Pochi, as a result of what you wrote she got to know about my work and called me up for the interview that passed 2 hours today on Hello to talk about my work.

We should never give up because someone is somewhere directed by God to watch you hand pick you and take you to the next level . God’s Grace will keep increasing in your life,what you doing God has put the right people in the right place for you and great doors will open before you in Jesus name . Am Grateful to be part of “Promoting All Things 237“[/su_quote]

CRTVweb Features F&F Afro Accessories designs on 'This Morning' Show

CRTVweb Features F&F Afro Accessories designs on 'This Morning' Show

WWW.MAMMYPI.COMCRTVweb Features F&F Afro Accessories designs on 'This Morning' Show


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