I plunge into the world of weaves & extensions to see how celebs have shown us lengthy and wavy possibilities. From layered short hair styles to long wavy and short hairstyles. The million dollar question is, “Does the media influence our behaviour towards products”? Or we are led by our fashion icons and role models towards how we dress, style our hairs and look in general.

All over the world, women are now clipping, gluing and sewing hair into their heads. The hair extension industry has grown into a multimillion pound industry around the world with women shopping for extensions from local dealers to international traders like WIGSBUY who guarantee their users gorgeous hair assortment from wigs, hair extensions and other hair pieces to compliment every look.

With celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna,Kim Kardashian constantly changing their hairstyles, fans and other beauticians have taken upon themselves to copy the look and go to extremes to look like these celebs. I am a sucker for fashion but when it comes to hairstyles, I know little or nothing about clips, and weaves. I turn to Youtube and Pinterest to get ideas for my natural hair. My role model for all things hair is Felicia Leatherwood, celebrity hairstylist and one of the greatest women who have changed the way black women care for their hair. If you love hair extensions and want to look like your favourite celeb WIGSBUY offers the best hair for all hair types.


Who is your favourite celebrity when it comes to hair styles and why do you like them?

















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