In the merry month of May, the blossoming splendour of spring allows the grass grows green all around. All around us are bright flowers and sights that please the senses and we finally chase winter blues away. When spring sprungs, we put away winter clothes, detox the closet and shop outfits that compliments the season.image10

image9Today, I am wearing a little black dress with floral. This dress was bought just before Christmas from Oasis one of my fav British high street shops. I wore the dress while I was on hols to a wedding anniversary and it was just perfect for the occasion. Knee length, flowers to indicate spring was in the air and sexy enough for my personality. On holiday (Apologies I took no pix) I paired the dress with a red pair of pumps from Oasis and a red clutch from Therapy I bagged from the House of Fraser sales in December. (Perfect bargain)







image2In this outfit, I had my accessories remixed for a different flavour. Since there is greenery all around me, I decided to add a pop of yellow for a more flattery look. The dress looks as good as it feels and that to me is essential when I shop. The dress is perfect for a Spring/Summer style wherever you want to wear it to. Unfortunately it is sold out now but you can get a similar dress,cross body purse and pumps  by clicking the links below.

Get  similar pumps Here

Similar similar dress Here

Similar bag Here

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  1. Me and you need to hit the highstreet… I love the dress… The bag and shoe are so my spec I hope everything DE for posts already… Your hair I be Don tell u already… You have one of the best afro hairs I have seen… Hello Nge Lo’s hair

    • Dorothy Diamond lol, I hail you my wonderful author & blogline. If I only follow this your talk I go fall chokeh. You are a true diamond my dearie.I enjoy the way you string words and how imaginative and poetic your articles turn out to be. We definitely need a little shopping spree for the summer. Thanks for leaving your autograph on ze bio.


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