sdI have always been interested in fashion since I was a young child. And yes!children can wear fashionable clothes just like their fashionable parents.

I have some simple rules when it comes to fashion. Let me share them with you.

First rule is to understand the occasion or event you are attending. Who will be there? How many? And how formal/informal is it likely to be? You don’t want to appear over-dressed, nor do you want to look like the local street urchin at a grand ball. So make sure you check out the type of event you are attending. Ask the hostess if there is a dress code and remember to enquire whether you’re likely to be out of doors at any part of the evening: you may be wise to take a pashmina wrap or cloak. Think layers.

Second rule is use of accessories. Our French and Italian neighbours really know how to add variety and style to some classic outfits. Brits are not so savvy: think belts, gloves, scarves and jewellery. How you can variety and interest?

Third rule: be selective in what you buy. Good quality essentials last longer. Shoes are a good example: cheap shoes don’t last; well-made shoes can be worn again and again and you can repair them to look like new. That works out as much better value, so be confident in buying stylish and chic fashion: it will be easier on the purse in the long run.

Fourth rule: stand out from the crowd by being true to your personality. Wear things that suit your mood and what you want to convey about you. And remember the way you wear an item says a great deal about you; mostly it’s in the body language – the way you hold your body and enter a room can make you look sexy and elegant in a daring garment, but if you forget about the rules of deportment you can look cheap and trashy in the same outfit. Dress for the body you have,Not the body you wish for.





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