Meghan Markle Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot 2018

The Duchess of Sussex  Meghan Markle has made her Royal Ascot debut dressed in a Givenchy shirt dress. We all know by now the annual race competition brings together fashionistas and best known as a millinery galore. However, we are not feeling Meghan’s grande debut as the Duchess of Sussex.

Personally, the dress looks a little too basic for such a flamboyant event. Despite being a high stamped dress, it looks a little low budget considering the heavy price tag. However, the Philip Treacy black and white hat looks classy but would be a lot more appropriate for a church-like event, not the Royal Ascot.

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Meghan Markle Royal Ascot -Givenchy shirt dress

Meghan Markle Royal Ascot -Givenchy shirt dress

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle in Givenchy Shirt Dress

On a whole, we think Meghan tastefully complimented Prince Harry in her smart monochromatic outfit. In future, we will love to see Meghan in an outfit more form fitting also bringing in colours and a hat with drama.


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