Hi lovelies, as you may or may not know,it is that time of the year again which I look forward to every year. It is Christmas and I am excited to spend it with the family every year. This year, Christmas came early for me with the perfect shoes,sandals for every fashionistas wardrobe. As always, I have my amazing brothers to be thankful to. What else can I Say? They know me and they never stop amazing me with their kindness and thoughtfulness. Take a look at these shoes which shine bright with their overlay,decorative accents and designer flair. These beautiful shoes has added a lift to my entire wardrobe and I can’t wait to step out in style and enjoy every step in them. My fave is the scrappy sensation which has a flattering sensation and enhances every stride from heel to toe.



Thank you for visiting Mammypi Fashion blog today. I wish you and your family and amazing Christmas. May your homes be filled with LOVE,JOY and PEACE.

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