This post has been long overdue now as I have gone natural now for something over 19 months. By being natural for those of you wondering what I am on about is, I stopped using chemicals to relax my hair.

I had my big chop in early February 2013. I was inspired by a couple of naturalistas like celebrity hair stylist Felicia Leather & Maischna Magazine. Since my big chop back in Feb 2013, I have tried different regiments that suit me and my hair type (4C) and here are a few that works for me.

When it comes to hair care, always remember that something that works for one person may not work for the

other so it is always good to stick to what works for you. Don’t get caught up with trying to use all the natural hair products you see on vlogs and hear naturals talk about. They could be costly and not suitable for you. Sometimes all you need to do is to keep your hair moisturized as the hair needs moisture to maintain its volume, healthiness and growth.

Coconut Oil

Once a week, saturate scalp with organic coconut oil. Massage into scalp and comb through hair to end. You can wrap with Clingfilm if you like and leave in for about 20 minutes then wash and rinse with Luke warm water thoroughly until it no longer feels oily.

Lemon Juice & Olive OilOnce every two weeks, 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice, 2 Tbsp organic olive oil, & 2 Tbsp water and massage into damp scalp. Leave on for about 20 minutes then rinse and shampoo accordingly. This regiment is great for dandruff and for cleansing follicles and promote hair growth.


How do you care for your hair?Have you got a daily, weekly, monthly regiment? What is it that works for you and why do you think it works? We want to hear your thoughts so please share!











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