[su_heading]#NONICHECKS DROPS TODAY 10/25/201[/su_heading]

Cameroonian fashion designer NONI WHITE WEARS has due to drop his new collection today 25th October 2017 at 12:00.  The range which includes a large collection  of check fabric referred to as NONI CHECKS sees a variety of check colours. From Tartan, Prince of Wales Check and a whole lot of check fabrics.

However, from the press release, the brand portrays itself as one who celebrates the beauty of African designs. It therefor puzzles our imagination if checks are made and produced in Africa. We guess not. Nevertheless, we are excited to see the new collection once it drops.

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This is what  Prince NONI Oyibo the creative mind had to say:

The masterpiece collection which embodies beauty, coming in different colours can be matched with shorts or long pants and is simple made, breaks bounds because of it suitability for both sexes adults or kids.


Northwoods Check Brown Fabric 

Closed Check Print Shirt

Check Plaid Tweed Coat

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