Nigerian pop artist Peter & Paul Okoye released their 6th album since the birth of their musical career on 12th September 2014. The pair talked about the album with Spintlemusic YouTube channel.

They wanted something new, something that they had never done before. They wanted to raise the bar for a new challengeA4C.They got in touch with US Base rapper T.I who is also a fan of P-Square music and they got to hang out with in Atlanta a while back.But unfortunately since the album dropped T.I who collaborated with the twins has been on tour and has not had the chance to comment on the track. Paul & Jude who is the twins elder brother and manager were the brains behind the album’s title. The pair also talks of their love for cars and how they had to wait for years after investing in their music before they started getting the things they like. They both refute claims they own a private jet but enjoys jetting privately.

Peter & Paul names Wade Robson and Chris Brown as some their best dancers The albums has mid tempo songs and traditional songs. Apart from T.I Square Records also worked with African base artist like Don Jazzy and Awilo Tracks on the album include; Ejeajo Ft T.I SHEKINI MISSING YOU NO BE JOKE SOMETHING FRESH ENEMY SOLO a Makossa theme featuring Awilo All in all there are 16 tracks on the album with Alingo, Personally and Testimony as bonus tracks

Personally I am chuffed they expand their network and still fall back to local artist like Awilo to grow Africa’s musical landscape.

Tell us what is your best music from the duo till date? Leave a comment!

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