World Kidney Day is on Thursday 12 March

55,000 people in the UK are treated every year for end stage kidney failure and while 6,000 per year await a kidney transplant, only 3,000 are carried out. Did you know that our kidneys filter around 180 litres of blood every day – that’s enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool twice a year.

This year’s theme is “Kidney Health for All”. A simple way to look after your kidney is by taking the healthy choice of drinking water instead of soft drinks.

You can keep your kidney’s healthy and that of your patients by:

Monitoring your kidney function
Eat healthier and check your weight regularly
Those more at risk of reduced kidney function are diabetics, people with hypertension and those from of black and asian ethnicity. Click Here for more.


To honor a great woman, fighter and an inspiration to humanity Iya Bekondo Iya has been campaigning tirelessly for  kidney awareness being herself a victim of kidney disease and enduring dialysis and transplant. I bet you it sucks if you have your life but can’t live it because of failing organs and other health complications. 

Read about The Iya Foundation

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 The Iya Foundation is doing their part to help raise funds to support less privilege people who suffer from kidney diseases. To donate to the charity, click Here to support  Iya’s cause “The Iya Project will gladly appreciate every little penny you sacrifice towards its projects”. Thank you!!

Iya has shown selflessness throughout her life to help others and this is the time for us to join her as one to unite against Kidney diseases.

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In this outfit of the day #OOTD  I am wearing a Zara dress from the last two seasons collection. My platform and satchel are both  from Carvela  Kurt Geiger and green blazer from H&M. Blazers are always in season and a good accessory for the wardrobe. You can combine them with just about anything. Pearly ring & arm candy are both products of River Island.

Thank you for reading and hope you will continue to support The Iya Project and drink at least a litre and a half of water everyday to filter toxic waste from your organs.

P.s Special thanks to my colleague Francis Adesua for braving the weather and taking this pictures as his continuous support for Mammypi and Kidney awareness day.

Pied a Terre Imperia Dune London


  1. Our Camer Diva Fashionista looking great. Thanks for giving us such vital tip on how to keep our kidney healthy. Special thanks to Iya for such great fight. She has our support.


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