Cameroonian actress Nora Ndem in Leopard Print Dress

Hey Brown skin girl! Do you love a sexy animal print dress? If the answer is a massive yes like the sound of my voice in my head then you would love this leopard print dress and the message behind it. Animal print dresses are in again. But did they ever go anywhere in the first place? I know by now most of you have already heard Beyoncé’s new song Brown Skin Girl featuring Blue-Ivy, SAINt JHN and Wizkid.

Like a much-needed reminder to engrave confidence amongst women of colour, Brown Skin Girl is here to keep us on track. Somee of the verses I particularly love from the lyrics goes thus; “She need an Oscar for that pretty dark skin” and “There’s complexities in complexion, But your skin, it glow like diamonds”

Nora Ndem Styles Sexy Animal Print Dress

Yes, of course, there are complexities in complexion. Which brings us to the message Cameroonian actress and formal beauty pageant Ndem Nora has been spreading. “Your black is sufficient”. Yes! Miss Ndem started her campaign way before Queen Bey released her ‘The Gift’ album. Great minds think alike huh! Imagine the colour of your beautiful brown skin being likened to pearls whilst you’ve been feeling inadequate all these years.

In keeping up with her campaign for self-love and loving her beautiful brown skin, Nora Ndem has released new photos. In the stunningly sexy photos of Nora Ndem, she shows off her gorgeous brown skin in a long leopard print dress with button details. Nora’s dress draws even more attention to her skin and the message behind it. Not only does her skin glow like diamond, but the stylish animal print dress flatters her curves from every angle. The low-cut neckline and barrel sleeve details infuse much needed elegance and chic to her style.

For hair and beauty, we love how Nora wears her hair in a Fulani braid/cornrow. Cornrow-braids are one of the best protective styles for women with natural hair. Like a true connoisseur, Nora matched her dress with a single accessory- her dangling earrings which is bold and adds volume to the look. On the whole, Nora looks flirty yet elegant and above all everyone will notice that brown skin because it is beautiful.

Nora Ndem in Leopard print long dress
Cameroonian actress Nora Ndem in Leopard Print Dress
Nora Ndem shows off her sexy brown skin in a leopard print gown from Boho
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