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Hello Mammypi Fashionistas,

This year, we would be introducing a new segment to your favorite fashion blog. This segment is called Mammypi’s fashion/style inspiration. In this segment, we would be showcasing regular and public figure Cameroonians and Africans with a fashion and style sense that has left us speechless.


In this first edition of Mammypi’s fashion and style inspiration, we would love to introduce you to MizKay La Baronne. A Cameroonian female in her early 20s who has already toured the fashion world and is giving us major fashion goodness. She is a passionate lover of fashion, style, and makeup and her favorite hobby is shopping. That alone is a recipe for a great fashionista. She is already a major style inspiration to her peers and her thousands of Instagram followers. She is an expert in transitioning from street style to classy and corporate wears.



We had a sit-in with Mizkay and got her talking. She let us in on major fashion and style secrets and we would love to share them with the rest of the fashion family. Stay close to your Android or IOS device. Come along with a pen and jotter because Mizkay is taking us to style school.

[su_heading]THE INTERVIEW[/su_heading]

#MFB Good day and thank you Mizkay for accepting our invitation to this interview.

Thank you for having me.

#MFB So, tell us, at what age did you discover your fascination for fashion and style?

I think it all began when I was 15, though I am not certain. I know I have always had a love for shopping and dressing to impress.

#MFB So true, your love for shopping is visible in your social media accounts. Moving on, how do u stay updated on current fashion trends?

 Mostly, I would say social media especially Instagram.

 #MFB Where do you get your fashion and style inspiration?

My boyfriend :-D. He is a fashion lover/designer and always does his best to inspire me and keep me in style. You know how it goes.

#MFB Oh really? the perks of having a designer as a boyfriend. So, any specific websites or malls you shop at?

I have no specific shopping sites. Anywhere I see something good, anywhere I know I can find something that is going to look cool and chic on me, I sprint there immediately. I have no preference. I shop all over the country, Buea, Bamenda, Limbe and also China and the USA. Just everywhere.

[su_heading]MizKay La Baronne STYLE INSPIRATION [/su_heading]

#MFB You must travel a lot then. So tell me, what is your go-to outfit?

A skirt, midi or maxi, a small fitted top, high sandals, a purse, good makeup and am walking out the door.

#MFB Which do you prefer? Heels or flats

Heels all day. If I could sleep with heels on, I would.

#MFB What takes up most of your closet space?

Shoes. I am heads over heels for pretty shoes.

#MFB Do you wear Cameroonian designs? If yes, which are your Top Cameroonian designers?

Oh yes. I rep my country as often as I can.  I totally adore Lima T Jasino’s outfits. His designs are my favorite and can’t wait to get my hands on one. I also love Amah Fashion House and Awah Makeeva.

#MFB Likewise, what is your favorite international fashion brand?

That would most definitely be HERMES PARIS.I love their designs. By all means, I admire a lot of fashion designs actually but am more style-inclined. I can still pull off a perfect outfit, design or not. I strongly believe in what looks good in the eye and fits me perfectly. 

#MFB As concerns international brands, what are your three must-haves when it comes to these brands?

A HERMES slippers is totally a must have, followed by a Gucci bag, belt or shoe.

#MFB I couldn’t help but notice that accompanied by your style and fashion sense, you always have a somewhat perfect face beat. Are you a makeup artist or just an enthusiast?

Makeup is another passion of mine. Remember I said good makeup is a must for me? Well, I study makeup tutorials and I do my own makeup.

#MFB List a few fashion items you can’t live without.

My shooooes. I love my shoes as well as my handbags, watches, and sunshades.

#MFB With all this passion for fashion and style and a huge following due to that, do you plan on making a career out of it?

I don’t think so. I am only 23 and I just want to keep playing dress up and inspiring more people to stay in style. Maybe in the future who knows? But right now, I’m just having fun whilst experimenting with different trends and looking good while at it.

#MFB Who is your celebrity fashion crush?

Easy! Kylie Jenner. I love her style and how her outfits compliment her body type.

#MFB What advice do you have for others who want to stay in style but can’t afford to shop as you do?

On the contrary, I would say style is inexpensive. So make do with whatever you have in your closet. All you need to know is how you can combine and match them perfectly. If you can do that, then you are good to go.

#MFB I am so sad this interview is coming to an end. It was such a delight talking with you. Do you have any parting words for our readers?



On the whole, it’s been an amazing experience having my first interview. All in all, I am glad what I think of as a hobby is an inspiration to others. Thank you for having me Edd.

Did we miss out on any questions you would have loved Mizkay to answer? Let us know in the comment section.

[su_heading]MEDIA HANDLES[/su_heading]

You can follow Mizkay through her social media handles:

Instagram: Mizkay_La_ Baronne

Snapchat: Mizkay La Baronne

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