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In this era of social media, we all are caught up in the fantasy of extravaganza. It is so easy to get carried away with the frenzy and lose touch of purpose and self. I personally will advise everyone to sometimes take a breather off social media. It will do your mind, health, body and soul a lot of good.

Can we get back to the basics for a second? It is easy to assume that everyone knows how to take care of themselves (Cleanliness is next to godliness) However, I have come across certain people who definitely have proven that assumption very wrong.

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Recently, a Nigerian artist sparked up a conversation about morning breaths. I was disappointed.

Therefore, I have decided to help by giving a few tips on how to have a clean mouth, particularly in the morning (fresh morning breath) The last tip is very important.

1. Dentist visits. I know some people have never visited the dentist. In fact, nobody really likes dental appointments. However, this is very very very important. A visit to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned once every 6 months is a great way to care for your mouth. Some of those cavities that form in our teeth cannot be removed by brushing lol. I also didn’t until an ex took me with him to the dentist. ( Please don’t ask me if he thought I had mouth odour. I never asked *inserts laughter* He did me a mighty huge favor. Thank you Mr X.

Mouth Care

2. Brush your tongue.
Did you just laugh? Oh well, laugh all you want but you’d be surprised how many people forget that the tongue is a part of their mouths. How do you know if your tongue is dirty? When the thickness of the white substance on the tongue is so thick, you can scrap it off.
Tip – Scrub it with the back of your brush, then the bristle part to get it cleaned properly.

3. Spend at least 2 minutes brushing your mouth. In this jet age, we are always in a haste. Where are you rushing to? Lol. Treat your teeth with care. Don’t rush over it like it’s a chore. Also, brush your teeth in parts. Check https://youtu.be/Z_7bBppIINc on how to. Thank me later.

4. Brush twice a day. In the mornings and last thing before bed.
I mean it. Last thing before you get under your sheets.

5. Drink water. Drink lots of water during the day, but also drink water before bed. Personally, I always have a bottle of water by my bed. I drink water every time I wake up at night, which is at least twice every night ( the weirdness I inherited from my grandma)

Implement these tips and wake up every morning and you can roll over and kiss your partner good morning, without fear of stinking breath.

Well, I hope these tips help you. Try them and thank me later *wink*

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