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♥Could this be romance?♥We could not help but notice the obvious chemistry between talent manager, event planner and beautician Frida Fara with  media sensation and beardy hunk T Pana Wynchester. Are they possibly fueling dating rumours? The Jada Pinkett lookalike and renown talent manager who is best known for working with some of Cameroon’s best artist like Tzy Panchak was spotted at IYA restaurant in Buea cozying up to socialite T PanaWynchester.

We are aware T Pana has a son who is less than a year old. However we do not know if the young model is still single or actively dating. Despite being popular with the ladies, we are more fascinated by T Pana’s sense of style expressing his cool and fresh personality through fashion.

The question is? Could this have been just  a business talk or the two are  dating? Let us know what you think in comment section below.

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