Solange Ojong- Dress Scandal

Solange Ojong against fashion designers

Little CINDY Leading actress Solange Ojong blames Liz Ngwane of Margo’s Mode and Rachel Manyi Tabot of We Trend Ankara for skipping premiere of the movie.

A couple of weeks ago in a random chat with my teenage nephew over the Soli Egbe/CAMIFF scandal, he summarized the Cameroon entertainment industry in a sentence. “Small industry, big wahala”. And I totally agree. If you are keeping up with the movers and shakers of the industry on social media, this is apparent. It kinds of appears there is always a controversy revolving around the film sector of the entertainment industry. This might be down to the fact that the Cameroonian movie industry is the most active sector of the Cameroon entertainment industry.

 Leading Actress Ojong Fails To Attend Movie Premiere

In case you are still wondering where this is leading, let’s fill you with the 411. After a successful premiere of the much-anticipated movie premiere of Little CINDY by Billy Bob in Buea last Friday, the focus has yet shifted again. As a matter of fact, what really matters has been diverted yet again. The attention has shifted to trivial issues that in my opinion should never make it to the public ear.
Judging by pictures from the successful movie premiere, Solange Ojong a leading actress was noticeably absent from the premiere. From Mammypi’s understanding of events, the actress is putting the blame on fashion designers. Solange took to social media to accuse two of Cameroon’s leading brands, We Trend Ankara 237 and Margo’s Mode. The actress is accusing the designers of collecting money for dresses and not delivering to her satisfaction.

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Solange Ojong - Mammypi FashionTV Solange Ojong - Mammypi FashionTV Solange Ojong - Mammypi FashionTV Solange Ojong - Mammypi FashionTV

Like acclaimed Visual and spoken words artist Valery Chifor aka Tito says;

Blind loyalty to incompetence and mediocre friends/artists/event/organisers/brands…is killing the Cameroonians future.

Of course, we reached out to all parties concerned in the saga for comments and did manage to speak to both designers. Similarly, Solang Ojong who put out the accusations did come back to us with bits of the events.

Mammypi reached out to Rachel of ‘We Trend Ankara‘. The fashion label is no newbie to the scene and has dressed actresses like Syndy Emade, Adambi and many more. The designers’ version of the events is completely different from Solange’s’ version.

We Trend Ankara 237

According to Rachel of #WTA237, Solange contacted her about two weeks ago for an outfit for the premiere. As much as we want to believe everything we hear the first time, we decided to do some digging.

  1. Rachel claims Solange agreed to the fabrics and colors via video calls
  2. Solange only paid for the fabric of the first outfit and never paid for the second
  3. She (Rachel) had other clients to work with including Syndy Emade and Myra Nangeh
  4. Myra contacted her a month before the event and Solange contacted her two weeks before for two outfits
  5. Solange requested for a ball gown yet complained about the dress when delivered on the day of the premiere
  6. The actress only had her measurement taken and no fitting prior to the event
  7. Her first fitting was on the day of the event with lots of alterations done on both dresses
  8. Rachel claims Solange never paid for the second fabric neither has she paid for her services for both dresses

Provided that Rachel was busy with her other “high profile” clients. How is it that, Liz Ngwane of Margo’s Mode also failed Solange? With this in mind, we reached out to Liz who still kind of feels disappointed in herself for letting down a client. However, her version of events is not different from Rachel’s and we wonder why she is hard on herself.

Liz Ngwane- Margo’s mode

If you are not yet familiar with Margo’s Mode designs, let me remind you. Margo’s Mode won the young designer award at the Cameroon Fashion Awards. Ngwane is also the brand behind entertainment blogger Joan Ngomba’s red-carpet dresses. Again, we reached out to the creative director of Margo’s Mode Liz Ngwane. In addition to chatting with her, we also listened to audio tapes of Liz explaining the situation.

  1. Liz claims that the original dress agreed upon was a sleeveless silver/metallic dress 
  2. When Liz got to Solange’s hotel, the actress complained her arms where fat so requested for sleeves to be added
  3. The designer is further heard saying Solange confirmed she liked the dress but could not wear it because of belly fat. She went on to say the dress could not zip because the actress did not have her body shaper in the hotel
  4. Solange had requested for red attachments which we see in the lining. Whilst in the hotel, she decided she did not like them and Liz had to make some alterations.
  5. Despite all the efforts she made, Solange still was not satisfied which is why she feels sad she let down a client

Solange Ojong

Solange is a leading Cameroonian actress whose contribution to the growth of the movie industry cannot be undermined. The curvaceous actress whose latest stint was in the movie Little CINDY appears somewhat hurt and refers to herself as the victim of a witch hunt.

In a brief conversation with the actress, Solange claims she was not treated fairly as a client.

  1. Her dresses were delivered late putting her under emotional stress
  2. She also provided us receipts of two transactions she claims was advance payments for the job. However, the receipts do not hold the names of any of the designers so we cannot publish it.
  3. Explicitly, Solange’s feelings have been bruised. To put it differently, she states she has been insulted, called fat and blackmailed.
  4. Different from what the designers have said, Solange Ojong is adamant she paid for her outfits further stating she paid close to 200.000 CFA.
Red-Carpet Dresses

From my understanding, both designers echo the sentiment that Solange is seeking for attention. Under those circumstances, she should have worn those dresses and shared pictures with the original design for criticism.

Generally speaking without taking sides, we think there is a lot of learnings to take home from the situation. All parties involved should take responsibilities and make improvements. The designers should have allowed themselves enough time to focus on each client. More than two fitting sessions should be arranged before the final product is delivered to avoid last minute disappointment.

In my experience, everyone should have a backup outfit in case of any letdown. You can check these dresses in case you need a one for your next red-carpet appearance. Even though the customer is king, the customer also owes sufficient respect to the service provider. We hope all parties come together to resolve the issue amicably and learn to work as a team. Those who are trying to cause bad belle between designers and actresses should shift to the curb and give the industry a chance.


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