[su_heading]Vision of seduction is carried out through nails  that flaunt sophisticated colours[/su_heading]

While you were sleeping, Mammypi & Fashion spotted fashionista & editor of FabAfriq Magazine Adeline Sede in an all white party hosted in Douala Cameroon. Previously this week, the magazine editor shared pictures of her at her favourite beauty spot in Douala Spectre in Bona Priso .She was getting her glam look ready for party time. The glamstar wrote on one Facebook caption:

[su_quote cite=”Adeline Sede”]Happening now at La Marina Youpwe!!! It’s an all white event celebrating  the 50th anniversary of the Director of La Quentini Douala…shhhh…It’s a surprise so don’t tell him…[/su_quote]

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Mammypi Fashion Spotlight

Mammypi Fashion Spotlight

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We love your classic red nails Adeline. We are keeping pace on your nail evolution and we hope to share more of your colourful nail polishes with our fashion and beauty readers. We love your beautiful bright eyes and how your make up is kept to the neutral shades yet popping.The stylish and beautiful editor and media mogul shared a beautiful snapshot of herself with a friend at the all white event. Friends twinning in braids. Black girls truly rock.

Keep slaying Adeline. We heart your signature chunky locs and your constant update of nail polishes. Oneday, we will grow up to be like you. Keep inspiring.


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