Double Denim, Cashmere jumper

Why I wore this cute double denim outfit. I was having a really bad day a few days ago. It was like my brain was having a breakdown. My mind flooded with all these sad memories and I felt blue. One particular memory came to mind. That of when I had very little.

The memory

 Since travelling to Cameroon in August to bury my grandmother, a lot changed inside me. As a matter of fact, I have not found the courage to talk about my grandma as I keep thinking I will see her in December as I always try to.

At a very early age, I was taught hard work. It was not a choice, life threw it at me and I had to embrace the challenge and move on. Again, I learned to multi-task, survive through the worse and make the most of what I had. I was not a privileged kid growing up. I had very little clothes, sometimes no shoes. Nevertheless, I had my grandmother.

 I still remember how I use to borrow clothes from my cousin Mary-Anne who was lucky enough to have hand-me-downs. Nothing was handed down to me. It was the case of squeezing water out of a rock at all times.

    The Double Denim

A very emotional day + a sad face + a very important lunch date = fashion hazard. I had to find a way to snap out of memory lane and get ready for my date. I needed to be on my best behaviour.

After so many tries and trust me there were many, the moment I wore the double denim I suddenly felt happy, alive and free. It was funny how the solution to a blue day was a blue dress. What are the odds?

I knew I had made the right choice because I got compliments throughout the day and I just had to take a couple of fab pictures and share with the MammyPi fam.

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The crop denim top and a denim skirt are an ASOS buy and I love how luxe the look is. Since the weather was quite chilly, I added this H&M grey jumper for the warmth.
Lessons Learnt

My sad days were tough but they were okay. My grandmother was there to feed me. I knew no better and I expected nothing more out of life. Still, at the back of my head, I knew I wasn’t going to suffer for long. I promised myself things will change and I will one day have everything I wanted as a child.

These days, when I lack motivation, I flash back to when I was six, the things I was put through, I get up, dress up and make things happen. In life, I have learned the importance of being true to you at all times. Do not let people write your story for you. Don’t let people spring in from anywhere and try to tell your story. Have faith because someday, you will have all you have ever wanted and more.


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