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Xceptionals Kids wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month

Telling Your Kids about Breast Cancer Diagnosis Recently, a friend asked me about informing her daughter of her breast cancer diagnosis. Although her family does not...

XCEPTIONALS Join the #MammypiWearITPink campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness

The Xceptional Ladies (aka Xceptionals) are simply amazing. If you don’t know them, you might certainly want to get to know them. Specifically, they...

Frieda Kisob Banboye in this pink stunner has all our...

Pink gown gorgeousness!!! It's pinktober and a host of strong Cameroonian women have joined the #WearItPink campaign. For some, this is not just an...

Mammogram Or Instagram? Breast Cancer Is Real!!!

Strength, endurance, and sheer determination are the traits of a superhero--AND a breast cancer survivor.

Rene Awambeng Gallantly Accepts Global Executive Leader Award Powerlist 2024

Rene Awambeng Director and Head of Client Relations, Afreximbank was recognized in the Powerlist 2024 hosted by Powerful Media. The Powerlist is an annual...