Menswear Designer Amah Bertrand Accuses Sha Sha Of Copyright Breach


Who is a Fashion Designer? Menswear designer Amah Bertrand Versus Sha Sha New

A fashion designer is someone who loves to study fashion trends, sketch designs, select materials. They have a part in all the production aspects of their designs. They contribute to the creation of millions, if not billions of pieces of clothing and accessories. Their products are purchased by consumers on a yearly basis.

Firstly, we have seen Cameroonian fashion designers take to social media to accuse each other of stealing what they believe is their original idea. Not long ago, Kibonen NY dragged Duplex Sache of AfricStyle. This was for falsely claiming ownership of one of the brands ready-to-wear pieces which clearly had a unique embroidery.

Menswear Designer Amah Bertrand 


Also, when Bamenda based Fashion designer Sha Sha shared pictures of her newly released collection, Bertrand Amah of Amah Fashion House was not buying the hype. He accused the brand of stealing his design. He claims he had previously designed a similar outfit for radio host Nabil Fongod of Nabstar Radio.  Designer Amah Bertrand Accuses Sha Sha Of Copyright Breach


What will we like to know is, who owns legal rights to the print that makes the “toghu” unique? Bear in mind that the design mentioned in both cases is related to the “toghu”. Cameroon’s most colorful and popular traditional wear. In the case of Amah versus Sha Sha, both designers have simply added embroidery to the “agbada” style, one of Africa’s oldest menswear styles. Therefore, we are unsure if Amah is accusing Sha Sha of copying his embroidery pattern. What exactly has been breached?

 Designer Amah Bertrand Accuses Sha Sha Of Copyright BreachMenswear Designer Amah BertrandMenswear Designer Amah Bertrand Accuses Sha Sha Of Copyright BreachSha ShaMenswear Designer Amah Bertrand Accuses Sha Sha Of Copyright BreachNabil Fongod

The trouble with most up and coming designers from Cameroon is, they jump into the profession for the media hype. There is so much lack of creativity and personal style. Everyone seems to be doing what was done thirty years ago only with a contemporary twist. In any case, it is obvious that Amah the menswear designer had produced the design way before the Sha Sha New brand. 

All in all, Cameroonian fashion designers and the business of fashion has a long way to go. There needs to be a fashion council that protects designers and their work. Brands need to be a lot more creative and authentic to avoid copyright. Tell us what you think in the section below. And shop hot fabric sales (HERE)


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