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Hi Mammy Pi readers! Guess this is kind of awkward hihihi… Awkward cause this will be my first guest blog post. Thanks for reaching out Mammy Pi I appreciate the gesture, at this rate we will grow faster than we ever expected. I think at this stage a little introduction will be in order. I am Eliane most people call me Glamstar (a nickname I got while I was in secondary school) and I’m a Chemical engineer and founder of 237Xclusive (an Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle blog).

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Now down to the topic of the day! It’s Valentine’s day! A lot people around the world look forward to this special day on which they celebrate love. It is also known to Catholic Christians as the feast of St Valentine, a martyr who was known for celebrating love. Whether you are planning your first Valentine’s Day together or your 10th with your loved one or a chill night with friends you must set the mood! Nothing gets the romance / love flowing like some good tunes. Start by selecting which stage of the relationship you are so you know just how romantic to get. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for Cameroonian music.


I hope you don’t mind cuz this playlist made of 10 songs specially curated by moi for your listening pleasure, is going to be entirely 237.
1. My First pick will be Margo by Locko. This was the song that brought the prolific singer to the limelight. When I first listened to this song I was blown away. I couldn’t imagine it was Cameroonian, I had to know who sang it and after my research I found out it was Locko. That was the beginning of a love story between his music and me! Margo is the kind of song you would want to use to impress a lady especially if she is a hopeless romantic.

2. Next, I would go for Mr Leo’s Je t’aime featuring Hiro. That joy you feel when you find out two artist you love and admire will be on a song together. I just couldn’t wait to hear the outcome. I must say I wasn’t disappointed one bit. Je t’aime is perfect love declaration… The type you would want to listen to over and over again when Bae is away…

3. Ever listened to Woman Crush by Tzy Panchak? Lord where do I start from? Ever been at that point in a relationship where things weren’t fine? You don’t know how you gonna go about it but you just know everything is gonna be alright. This is the song that will keep you going through those times. Guys this is the song you should be playing to Bae to let her know how much you love and care for her.

Happy Valentine’s Day

4. That feeling when your loved or close one holds your hand and tells you “Ca Ira”. Many do not know but certain words spoken at certain moments have the power to heal the soul. Worst of all when they are being sung. It’s like they take all the pain or worry away. What better way than to have the beautiful Nabila, sing it to you! This song is titled Ca Ira and was performed by Nabila. I hope you enjoy it like I do. Just like she says just for the night forget all your worries and have fun!

5. How complete will this list be without a song from Kamer nightingale, Daphne? Promets moi a song of commitment, love and good tidings. No better way to put all these in one than the manner in which Daphne did. Great song it is and I’m sure you would love it too. Doesn’t mean y’all should go around making fake promises lol *winks*

6. Far by Adah Akenji is by far one of my favs since I started being an avid lover of Kamer music. Solemn yet heart appealing! This isn’t a song you should miss out on…

7. Salatiel Salatiel Salatiel! Nigga has got the juice on in Toi et Moi; it is that song that speaks to you in different ways. Whispering sweet messages of love that you would want to hold on to for a lifetime.

8. In the same fashion, why don’t we get a lill groovy with Dynastie Le Tigre in Dingue De Toi. Dingue de toi is not only a song that makes us celebrates, it does so while making us dance as well. That moment when the liquor kicks in and this song comes on, you can’t help but display your dancing skills.

9. Then we have Prince P in Nyango, based in the US Prince P is one hell of a good artist. This is hands down the best song I have heard from him since I discovered him. It’s just the icing on the cake.

10. Last but not the least, we have Joel P in Marry you. He came into the limelight with a cover of Calee by Daphne and a few months later he releases this cool song titled Marry you. This is a must listen.


So, there you go, the top 10 songs I think you should be listening today. It wasn’t easy making choices but oh well a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. There are so many other amazing songs I couldn’t add to the list, but you can always subscribe to my blog to receive the news on the latest audio and video releases from Cameroon.

Thanks for having me Mammypi and until next time! xoxo

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