Sexy Ewube

Wait a minute! Nothing gives us a neurological buzz quite like a complete hair and beauty switch up. Whether it’s a blunt cut, a short red hairstyle, a bang or wavy curls, we are positively excited by every Niki Heat celeb-makeover. Our Favourite Stevens Music woman Ewube is the latest Cameroonian A-lister coming through with the best hair and makeup we’ve seen on any Cameroonian celebrity yet.

Sexy Photos Of Ewube

For an artiste as beautiful as Ewube, spontaneity should never go out of style. With access to the best beauty studio in Douala, Cameroon who wouldn’t consider a drastic makeover like this one? Guys, witness the difference a professional hair, makeup and photography session can make. Naturally, Ewube is one of the most beautiful women in Cameroon entertainment industry. Yes, you read that right. We are entirely drooling over her gorgeous features, especially her beautiful dark skin. And no, we didn’t forget the chiselled jawline.


Niki Heat Studio Celebrity Makeover

It’s hard looking at these sexy photos of Ewube and think of anything but the Mona Lisa of Cameroon. The Laisse Moi T’aimer singer looks gorgeous in a soft beauty look with pink highlights wearing a black strapless bustier and red skirt. She just made chunky gold jewellery and big afro wig the most refreshing look to rock all year. Without a doubt, these hot photographs of Ewube will change how you see her forever.

Despite being naturally pretty, the best thing about these sexy hair and beauty transformation is, the makeup artist gets to perfect their skills on the celebrities before you get to Niki Heat Beauty Studio.


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