Top10 Cameroon Music Stars 2019

What’s better than a summer filled with a whole bunch of new Cameroon music? Whether you and your family are on a vacation, on break from work and school or just enjoying the summer from your back garden, music should always be on your to-do list. Alexa press play!

As we all know, there is no guarantee which summer is guaranteed the best new music. However, this past July was extremely great in the Cameroon music scene.  Not only did Stevens Music star Boy-Tag release Grandma, but Salatiel also became headline and is still trending because of his collaboration with Beyoncé and Pharrell. This was on the track ‘Water’ on ‘The Lion King album The Gift’. In the album, Beyoncé incorporates general sounds from African Afrobeat stars.

Top10 Cameroon Music to Add To Your Summer Playlist

Last month gave us a big surprise collaboration between Tzy Panchak with up-coming artistes including Vernyuy Tina, Cleo Grae and Vivid. The stars dropped the studio video of ‘Na so’ a track which has been widely received and instantly pushed Vernyuy straight into the limelight.

In addition, two months ago, Ko-C also brought us some big music with Ca A Cuit. We’ve been musically blessed with the best music from many of our favourite artiste like Zinnia, Minks, Magasco, Blanche Bailly.

In short, with 5 more months to go in 2019, we are so anxious for what the year will bring as Cameroon music continue to influence the different genres of Afrobeat. This playlist has been our Top10 Camer music playlist this summer. And if you use YouTube, Spotify and Sound cloud, make sure you add these tracks to your playlist and be sure to follow the artiste on social media.

Our playlist features artistes like

  • Blanche Bailly- Ton pied, Mon pied
  • Zinnia- Overload
  • Salatiel- Anita
  • Beyoncé/Salatiel/Pharrell- Water
  • Ko-C- Ca A Cuit
  • Tzy Panchak – Na so
  • Numerica –Favor
  • Magasco – Cami Toyota
  • Boy-Tag – Grandma
Mammypi’s Top10 Summer 2019 Playlist


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