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Quin Ntemgwa is unstoppable. The black-owned hair care specialist is taking full advantage of quarantine and making the most for her business. Not even COVID-19 can stop her from achieving her full potentials. The Cameroonian born- USA based wigmaker unceremoniously took a social break from mass media to focus on a few pressing issues. The future of her empire. Quin has been busy working behind the scenes polishing up her high-end wig making skills and adding new products to her brand. Not only that but the gorgeous ex Our Lady of Lourdes alumna is also a full-time student. Talk about beauty and brains.

Black-Owned Hair Care Brand The Queen’s Wigs Is Doing A Major Brand Makeover Under New Name SuzieXO

Quin remains one of those black business owners who’ve made it their mission from the beginning to address the gaps in capable wig making.

The Queen’s Wigs premium hair brand is now SuzieXO. The black hair brand recently announced that it will now operate under parent company SuzieXO. As a result, the brand shall henceforth go by that name SuzieXO.

The Queen’s Wigs Is Doing A Major Brand Makeover Under New Name SuzieXO

First of all, The Queen’s Wigs comes as one of our favourite black-owned hair brands over the years, but it’s time for us to become familiar with a new name. Today, we announce on behalf of the premium hair brand that, they are rebranding as a new company named SuzieXO.

The brand’s known for providing premium quality human hair and wigs. Additionally, the rebrand promises an upgrade to even better quality human hair extensions and luxurious, long-lasting virgin hair wigs. 

In an interview with SuzieXO chief executive, Quin Ntemgwa said, “Our company will also provide vital beauty accessories such as adjustable elastic bands for wigs, hair bonnets and other items to enhance your beauty.”

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SuzieXO Wigs
SuzieXO Wigs
Black-Owned hair care brand
Black-Owned hair care brand
Black-Owned hair care brand
Black-Owned hair care brand

Premium Curly Wigs By SuzieXO

To allow their customers to express their unique styles, SuzieXO notes that all wigs sent from the new site will be delivered un-styled. However, shoppers have the option to request styling for a small fee. 

Owing to this significant upgrade, SuzieXO has launched its new website The latest official website will have all relevant information at your fingertips and also simplify your shopping experience.


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