KO-C is one of the most prominent hip-hop artists from Cameroon. Without a doubt, the young rapper has solidified his position in the music industry. KO-C has even gone as far as branding himself as Cameroon’s fastest rapper. We cannot contest that because, in all honesty, Ko-c spits bars. Not to mention Ko-c remains one of the most creative lyricists from Cameroon.

Cameroon’s Fastest Rapper Ko-c Sizzles in Ne Photo

When it comes to Ko-c, we always expect more because he understands the business of entertainment. The hip-hop artist is not only one of the fastest rappers in Cameroon, but he is also equally funny. Likewise, smart and incredibly stylish.

When we browse his social media handles, there’s always that one thing we look forward to seeing and you know what it is. Ko-c always brings the drip no matter what he wears. It is only fair if he adds the most stylish Cameroonian male artist on his resume because you know what, he got swag.

Check out the sexy photo of Ko-c below rocking an eye-catching piece from an African menswear brand we are still researching.

Cameroon's fastest rapper


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