LesLine Releases New Single Titled Janvier Featuring Malgic

New Music: LesLine Feat. Malgic-Janvier

There is new music to kick off June. The song produced by Evans put LesLine in tune with Malgic on the track titled Janvier. Even though we are in June, the collaboration tells a story of deception between December and January. Niki Heat artist LesLine and Cameroonian artist Malgic give us some musical gem in their new music. The latest single is a dynamic heartbreaking Ballard and a collaboration produced by Evans

Niki Heat management team hopes the song is bound to get people dancing in their homes. Hopefully, not only will it become hit in-house parties, it is bound to become a club banger.  However, after listening to the acoustics, we also believe the tempo of Janvier tells the story of seasonal love and inconsistency. 

Malgic kicks off the record singing “Chaque Décembre c’est ton retour avec toi baby on vie les grand armour éh éh. C’est ton pied mon pied tous les Décembre oh! Mais quand Janvier arrive tu disparais éh éh any…”

Furthermore, LesLine goes on to bless the song with great vocals and that feminine balance throught out the verses and chorus.

Cameroon Artist LesLine Featuring Magic

From the lyrics, Janvier condemns partners who only hook up in December and disappear in January. Without a doubt, this can be compared to the short-term relationships that start over December with “Bushfallers” visiting Cameroon. As soon as the holiday season is over, they take off. Also, it exposes fair weather relationships whereby people preach how much they love the other only when things are good.

Listen to Janvier Below

LesLine Releases New Single Titled “Janvier” Featuring Malgic
LesLine Releases New Single Titled Janvier Featuring Malgic
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