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Anyi Asonganyi Graces Cover of Team237Mag

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[su_heading]3rd Edition of #team237mag[/su_heading]

The 3rd edition of Team237Mag is here and Anyi Asonganyi is the star cover girl!  Team237Mag offers a 20 page comprehensive guide to fashion, music and entertainment in Cameroon and the diaspora. The magazine reveals the most essential names of the country’s most talk about celebrities. In the light of  businesses to make-up artist, movies to music artist through to Silicon Mountain.

In the newly published edition, Anyi Asonganyi graces the cover of the magazine. Anyi holds and in-depth conversation on her journey as well as how to turn passion into a monetizing career. Primarily #Team237Mag is a platform to showcase talent from Cameroon. Highlights from the issue helmed by Editor-in-chief Dalida Ngoh include Syndy Emade’s red-carpet secrets coupld with Daphne’s idea of a dream man.

Click on the link to view and download the PDF for free ?http://bit.ly/2ziT8I5


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Likewise, Blanche Bailly talks beauty and how she puts her image to good use when building her brand.

In addition, the magazine’s editor addresses how the mass media shapes millennial behaviour with the “Slay Queen” theory. Editor-in-chief Dalida closes the issue with her analysis of “The surprising downside to being a pretty woman.” Hopefully you can all have a read and give a critical review of some of the issues raised

An electronic copy of the magazine can be downloaded through this link. We hope we can get our hands on the hard copy soon.

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