Cameroonian Movie MAALLE

Synopsis of the Movie MAALLE: Maalle is “wanted” for elephant poaching. The doctor informs Maalle on his sick bed he has not got long to live.

He decides to right some of his wrongs before he dies. He starts by escaping from his hospital bed to go and uncover the elephant tusks that he had hidden in the forest with the intention of handing them over to the government authorities.

Consequently, a passer-by tips of the police on Maalle’s whereabouts in the hope to get a ransom. So the chase starts, in this fast-paced action movie, where the hunter becomes the hunted. Maalle’s son, Moto, outsmarts him and takes the tusks before Maalle gets there. As the plot develops, Moto’s girlfriend Jennifer gets caught in a web of love and betrayal.

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Vugah Samson, Cosson Chinepoh, Ngongan Elizabeth, Ayuk Tambe And Many More Starre In Movie MAALLE

Producer: Ashu Egbe

Directors: Alasambom N. & Ashu Egbe

Writer: Ashu Egbe


Maalle: Vugah Samson

Honourable: Cosson Chinepoh

Maalle’s wife: Ngongan Elizabeth

Moto: Nchifor Valery

Jennifer: Tabi-Ayuk Tambe

Doctor: Nkanya Nkwai

Main Nurse: Laura Onyama

Police Commissioner: Gelam Dickson


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