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Sache Duplex of AfricStyle showcases back-to-school Ankara-inspired collection featuring a duffel bag

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Back-to-School Ankara Accessories

These back to School Ankara accessories will make you stand out and start the school year with pomp.  AfricStyle Fashion CEO Duplex Sache has you covered as he just dropped his vibrant 2018 back-to-school collection. The collection features some unique fashionable school Ankara accessories. Notables are the backpack and duffel bag. In fact, the school Ankara accessories in this collection are almost too cool for school.

Ankara Backpack and Duffel Bag for back-to-School

First up is the backpack. It is bright and vibrant exuding a happy and excited feeling. In addition, it features inside and outside zippers for style and convenience.  Accordingly, this will facilitate organized storage. The backpack also dons comfortable cushioned straps. With this design feature strapping onto shoulders will definitely be a breeze. As students are constantly on the move, this will just be perfect for any student.

On the other hand, the duffel bag is stylish and unique with Ankara and black design details. Foremost, it is big and roomy with long black straps.  As a result, the straps make the bag convenient for swinging over the shoulders. Conversely, though, the straps also make it easy to transform the duffel bag into a backpack. That said, ideally, the duffel bag can easily serve as a gym bag or a sleepover bag. Without a doubt,  it will also be perfect for field trips and school excursions. Ultimately, AfricStyle is definitely catering to every student’s need with these school Ankara accessories.

School Ankara Accessories and Ready to Wear Pieces for back-to-school

Meanwhile, the collection also features some ready to wear pieces.  Given that it is still summertime, the collection consists of some summer wardrobe essentials. Specifically, the printed short sleeved Ankara tee shirts and vibrant colored pairs of shorts are perfect for hot summer days. Coupled with the fact that the tee shirt is emblazoned with the African map, this is sure to be a great conversation starter.  Not to mention, the tee shirt is appliqued as well.  This gives it some texture and makes it feel a little more special. You can fashionably pair the tee shirt with an Ankara pair of shorts. Suffice to say that this outfit is bound to make anyone excited about school.

Ankara accessories will definitely make you stand out. Besides, a mind that is eager and excited is definitely going to succeed! Therefore, get excited with this Ankara back-to-school collection. You will definitely be well on your way to success!

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Ankara backpack
Ankara backpack
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Duffel Bag in Ankara print
Gym Ankara Duffel bag - Mammypi FashionTV
Gym Ankara Duffel Bag
School Ankara Accessories- Mammypi FashionTV
Duffel Bag and Back-to-School Ankara Outfit

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