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This is What my Bedroom Furniture aka Make-up Table/Chest of Drawer Look Like

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If you have visited me in the past then you must have had the opportunity to view my long time Mahogany chest of drawers. This chest of drawer is the best bedroom furniture I have had for over 10 years.

It took me such a long time searching for the perfect make-up table or chest of drawer suitable for contemporary living. I wanted a chest of the drawer that would blend with every other piece of furniture I had. And I, later on, found this beautiful dark brown three-tier chest of drawer with a fabulous oval shape. Of course, it comes with a mirror that has been serving my beauty regiment since 2009. With Father’s Day coming, you can actually surprise day or revamp your home with up to 70% by shopping my link here!!!

Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Top Bedroom furniture ideas
Top Bedroom furniture ideas
Top Bedroom furniture ideas
Top Bedroom furniture ideas

And that guy is a snippet of my beautiful chest of drawer located in my bedroom. I dream of a house someday where I will have a separate massive room with plenty of lighting just for my make-up and display of jewellery and a walk-in closet. If you live in London like me then you will understand how far a dream that seems but hey they say everything is possible all we gotta do is work hard and pray.

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