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Brand New Gospel Tune By Cameroonian Artist Vumomsé-“Satan Dey Feel My Bad”

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If you have already read & watched this hot gospel video via THJ blog, do not  weary, good music always spread like wild fire in the Harmattan. Music is one of those things that binds people together and it does not matter what language it is sung in, any music is good music.

Vumomsé is a Cameroonian music maker based in the U.S of A! The artist dropped the new track “Satan Dey Feel My Bad” yesterday March 28 on his Youtube channel & Facebook page. It is a gospel dance tune    that has defiled  traditional gospel music norms and embeds a hip/pop style  still  bearing the message strongly in a modern twist.

Satan Dey Feel My Bad Photo 4

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“Satan Dey Feel My Bad” is an AfroBeat praise song hailing God for all his blessings while the devil is jealous (Satan Dey Feel My Bad). He is always faithful even when we are unfaithful and still loves us beyond measure even when we do not deserve it. Join to mock Satan.

Satan Dey Feel My Bad Photo 3

Directed by M.T. Muna for Benzene Creative

Don’t just dance, promote the artist by purchasing his music from the links below. Good music involves hard work so let’s please encourage Vumomsé by clicking one of these links. You can also find him on his Facebook page by clicking Here!

Vumomsé on Itunes
Vumomsé on Silk Scarf
Vumomsé Website 

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