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The long awaited “Just Kossa” music video is now available online on Vevo. “Just Kossa” is the debut single of  Finnish-based Cameroonian upcoming artist “Larryne Melh” . This electrifying and captivating single won this beautiful and talented artist “The best new Afrobeat artist in Finland in 2014 “.
In this inspirational musical piece, the Afro-pop sensation encourages the world to seize a moment to dance their pains and sorrows away for life is too short to waste it worrying about mistakes and regrets. The video unveils the sexy, soft and energetic side of this astonishing lady .The video was written and directed by “Larryne Melh”.

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[su_highlight background=”#f2f2f0″ color=”#7be81a”]Mammypi[/su_highlight]:  Tell me a little about you.

[su_highlight background=”#f2f2f0″ color=”#d419a8″]LM[/su_highlight]:  I am  hardworking and very ambitious lady originally from Cameroon who is now based in Finland. I am a  singer, song writer, a composer, a lover of good music and entertainment as a whole. My musical genre includes: Afropop, Dancehall, R&B, Soul etc… I am also in the final year of my master’s studies in mechanical engineering. Sexy Body Basics Sale Underwear,Lingerie and Sexy Shoes Enjoy 10% Off 2 Items Purchase Enjoy 20% Off 4 Items Purchase!

[su_highlight background=”#f2f2f0″ color=”#7be81a”]Mammypi[/su_highlight]: What Inspired “JUST KOSSA”?

[su_highlight background=”#f2f2f0″ color=”#d419a8″]LM[/su_highlight]:  What inspired me to write “Just Kossa”

Generally when writing songs, I get inspired by almost everything around me, things happening in the world, my experiences or the experiences of my close friends or relations. The beat also inspires me on what to write about. Writing “Just Kossa” was another form of advice attributed to me. It was written based on my personal experience. I noticed that I used to take life too seriously and thus allowed my mistakes and regrets to consume me. Furthermore, I most times forgot that “life is too short” and that I had to take advantage of every giving opportunity. Somehow I needed to save myself from that situation. What better way to do that, than creating this inspiring piece which I am sure other people around the world can also relate to.

[su_highlight background=”#f2f2f0″ color=”#7be81a”]Mammypi[/su_highlight]: Have you done anything musically besides “Just Kossa”?

[su_highlight background=”#f2f2f0″ color=”#d419a8″]LM[/su_highlight]: So far I have released two songs on Youtube and Soundcloud titled “Just Kossa”  &  “Sugar Coated Love“. I do have other exciting songs I’m working on presently.

[su_highlight background=”#f2f2f0″ color=”#7be81a”]Mammypi[/su_highlight]: Why did you get into music? Fame or passion?

[su_highlight background=”#f2f2f0″ color=”#d419a8″]LM[/su_highlight]: As a kid I had so many dreams and music was one of them.


[su_quote]Music has been the only dream I have stayed true to. Music is my passion, my long time love and makes me very happy. Music has always been there for me which makes it safe for me to say music chose me.[/su_quote]

Thanks for checking out the blog today. Show some love to a Cameroonian artist and help in promoting the industry. Also leave a comment on the artist video and subscribe to her YouTube feeds.

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    • Thank you very much Celine. It is always a pleasure to help promote fresh talent. Our artists need all the support and exposure they deserve for their work to be recognize. I trust you will be sharing this post to your network for others to listen to her music.


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